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Maureen Sylvia Armstrong, CIC
Phone: (508) 742-9249
Fax: (508) 742-9349

John R. Beauregard, CIC, LIA
Executive Vice President/Owner
Phone: (508) 742-9228
Fax: (508) 742-9328

Rosemarie S. Lopes, CLU®, REBC®, RHU®
Vice President, Financial Services and Benefits/Owner
Phone: (508) 742-9230
Fax: (508) 742-9330
Heather Heffernan
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (508) 742-9259
Fax: (508) 742-9359
David J. Madara, AAI, CPCU, CRIS
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (508) 742-9292
Fax: (508) 742-9392

Raymond F. Armstrong, CIC, CWCA
Vice President
Phone: (508) 742-9220
Fax: (508) 742-9320

Judith M. Besse, CHC, LIA
Vice President, Employee Benefits
Phone: (508) 742-9256
Fax: (508) 742-9356
Beth Sylvia Caldwell, CIC
Assistant COO
Phone: (508) 742-9222
Fax: (508) 742-9322
Julia Jennings, RHU, LIA
Vice President, Employee Benefits
Phone: (508) 742-9234
Fax: (508) 742-9334

Danielle Andre, CISR Elite
Personal Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9288
Fax: (508) 742-9388

Jo-Ann Bouchard
Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9217
Fax: (508) 742-9317
Personal Lines Account Executive
Phone: (508) 742-9258
Fax: (508) 742-9358
Jessica Bussiere
Quality Control Processor
Phone: (508) 742-9239
Fax: (508) 742-9339
Gorete M. Cadieux, CISR, CPIW
Personal Lines Account Executive
Phone: (508) 742-9224
Fax: (508) 742-9324
Katie DaSilva
Personal Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9257
Fax: (508) 742-9357
Monica DaSilva
Commercial Lines Account Manager, CIC, CPIA, CWCS
Phone: (508) 742-9251
Fax: (508) 742-9351
Lori Dumas
Phone: (508) 742-9250
Fax: (508) 742-9350
Kathy Fuller, AAI, CISR, CRIS
Commercial Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9216
Fax: (508) 742-9316
Ed Glicksman
Account Executive
Phone: (508) 742-9244
Fax: (508) 742-9344
Paula Gomes, CISR, CPPL
Personal Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9219
Fax: (508) 742-9319
Ramon Gomes, CISR
Phone: (508) 742-9246
Fax: (508) 742-9346
Deborah Goncalves, CISR
Personal Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9226
Fax: (508) 742-9326
Steven Kaplan
Employee Benefits Data Analyst
Phone: (508) 742-9291
Fax: (508) 742-9391
Thomas Kelleher
Claims Executive
Phone: (508) 742-9214
Fax: (508) 742-9314
Janet Kuthan, CISR, CPIA
Senior Quality Control Specialist
Phone: (508) 742-9215
Fax: (508) 742-9315
Quintin LaBonte
Accounting and Systems Specialist
Phone: (508) 742-9223
Fax: (508) 742-9323
Lubelia Lima, CISR
Personal Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9238
Fax: (508) 742-9338
Biff MacLean
Phone: (508) 742-9227
Fax: (508) 742-9327
Zenaide Noia, CISR, AAI
Personal Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9229
Fax: (508) 742-9329
Nicholas Pappas
Account Executive
Phone: (508) 742-9241
Fax: (508) 742-9341
Linda Patistea, CISR
Quality Control Processor
Phone: (508) 742-9236
Fax: (508) 742-9336
Nick Petronelli, CRPC, CMFC
Account Executive
Phone: (508) 742-9284
Fax: (508) 742-9384

Brittany Perry
Personal Lines Client Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9286
Fax: (508) 742-9386

Solange Perry
Employee Benefits Account Administrator
Phone: (508) 742-9247
Fax: (508) 742-9347

Annie Raposo, CIC, AIS, AU
Commercial Lines Underwriting Coordinator
Phone: (508) 742-9283
Fax: (508) 742-9383
Denise Rego, CISR, CPPL, NcAM
Quality Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9213
Fax: (508) 742-9313
Janet Rioux, CISR, CPIA
Commercial Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9240
Fax: (508) 742-9340
Diane Safioleas
Personal Lines Client Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9282
Fax: (508) 742-9382
Sandra Semedo, CIC, CISR, CPIA, CPIW, DAE
Commercial Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9231
Fax: (508) 742-9331
Nicole Souza, CIC, CISR, CPIA, CWCS
Commercial Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9211
Fax: (508) 742-9311
Cindy Sylvia, CISR
Claims Supervisor
Phone: (508) 742-9237
Fax: (508) 742-9337
Karen Sylvia, CISR
Personal Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9242
Fax: (508) 742-9342

Vincent Sylvia Jr.
Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: (508) 742-9285
Fax: (508) 742-9385

Jo Ann Tavares, CIC
Commercial Lines Account Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9235
Fax: (508) 742-9335
Paula Tavares, AAMS
Financial Planning Client Manager
Phone: (508) 742-9212
Fax: (508) 742-9312
Kathleen Volterra
Customer Relations Specialist
Phone: (508) 742-9210
Fax: (508) 742-9310
Jill W. White, CRIS, CWCA
Commercial Lines Account Executive
Phone: (508) 742-9243
Fax: (508) 742-9343
Ellen Woods
Account Executive, CLU, LTCP
Phone: (508) 742-9218
Fax: (508) 742-9318


  • “When I needed assistance with my business insurance program, Jill White immediately responded – and, even more important, she listened. She understood the challenges I had with my former agent, and she and the Sylvia Group team designed a program specific to my restaurant’s needs. I’m confident that with Jill’s expertise and personal attention, Fay’s is in good hands. That gives me the peace of mind to focus on what my family and I do best: serve delicious food and provide great customer service while running a successful business.”

    – Evelyn Bettencourt, Owner, Fay's Restaurant and Knotty Pine Fine New England Catering

  • “Thanks to John Beauregard and the professionals at Sylvia Group, our MassMEDIC membership has paid immediate dividends. Through the BIO Business Solutions® program, Primo Medical received a significant premium reduction on our Professional Liability policy. In addition, utilizing Chubb as our insurance provider and Sylvia Group as our broker, we’re confident that we have business partners who truly understand our insurance needs, provide outstanding loss control services and continue to work with us to lower our total cost of risk.”

    – Christopher LaPlante, Chief Financial Officer, Primo Medical Group

  • “I love your staff. Since we moved over to Sylvia Group for our insurance what is it, maybe three or four weeks? I have had more communication and attention from them than I had for the what, seven or eight years? with my former agency! You have a great team.”

    – Pat Cassan, Ocean Explorium

  • “You have to have somebody like Judy Besse working with you. She’s very detail-oriented and patient. I’d be lost in a quagmire of laws, rules, regulations… I want somebody on my team as I have with Judy.”

    - Paula Gendreau, Business Manager, Greater New Bedford Regional Voc-Tech High School

  • “I want to thank you for this incredible resource (ThinkHR). We will be accessing it frequently and appreciate Sylvia Group making this available to Advanced Eye Centers.”

    Paul C. Abrantes, Executive Director, Advanced Eye Centers

  • “I so appreciate Julie Jennings' help with Medicare planning. It is a relief to be able to consult with a knowledgeable professional on insurance issues. I have no idea how people do this without such help.”

    – Chris Black, Personal Insurance client

  • "Working with Judy Besse can be pretty interesting because she sets the bar so high. And because she’s putting the customer first, she’s willing to put choices on the table that a lot of brokers just aren’t going to consider because they don’t want to take the haircut."

    – Ed Belt, CEO, Primarily Care, Inc.

  • “Working with Sylvia Group over recent years has taken our insurance issues from 'groans and moans' to 'no problem.' Rose Lopes, our Account Manager, is one of the most responsive people I have ever worked with. She responds immediately to questions or special requests. It is such a pleasure to work with Rose, who does whatever it takes to find a solution to our needs. We are very pleased… She always has our interests in mind.”

    – Lynne Foley, Director of Human Resources, Five Star Companies, Inc.

  • “Judy Besse and Sylvia Group do a wonderful job. Judy’s skills, knowledge of the (benefits) industry and manner of presenting complicated things in an easy-to-understand fashion are unparalleled.”

    - Tom Riley, M.P.A., Executive Director, Better Community Living

  • “We wanted to enhance our employee benefits offering, but we didn’t have the time or expertise to explore the myriad of options. Judy Besse consulted with us and provided detailed information that made a complex choice easy, enabling us to maximize our ROI. And she managed the entire process right through to implementation – including employee communication, enrollment and carrier accountability.”

    – Tom Donaruma, Director of HR, Brahmin Leather Works

  • "Sylvia Group is by far the best insurance agency I have ever dealt with, both personally and in my business. They provide customer support that is not found in other agencies. For example, they take a personal interest in their clients, calls are always taken or returned immediately, and during reviews suggestions are made to offer the most cost effective and comprehensive coverage. When claims occur, they have always been there to facilitate the process. It has truly been a pleasure to have them represent me in my insurance needs."

    - William N. Whelan, Chairman, Whelan Associates LLC

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