2017 Sylvia Group Education Series

Maximizing Your Benefits: A Social Security and Retirment Seminar

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If you're contemplating retirement, you may be asking, "Will Social Security be enough to provide me with adequate income?" The simple answer is, "No."

Social Security, Kurt Czarnowski regularly informs seminar attendees, was never intended to be the sole source of income for retirees. It's a foundation, he says, to build upon with savings, investments and other forms of income.

Formerly the Social Security Administration's Regional Communications Director for New England, Kurt was the featured presenter on Tuesday, March 28, during "Maximizing Your Benefits: Social Security and Retirement," a Sylvia Group seminar. As he does in all his presentations he began and ended (before a lengthy Q&A session) with a PowerPoint slide illustrating his primary message.

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In between, Kurt discussed topics including:

  • when you can start to collect Social Security
  • how your benefit is calculated
  • how working in retirement impacts Social Security distribution
  • claiming techniques for couples
  • widow or widower benefit computation
  • payment to divorced couples
  • the importance of having other sources of income and working with a reputable Financial Advisor, such as the professionals at Sylvia Financial.

Registration for the seminar quickly reached its limit, and others who would have liked to attend had scheduling conflicts, so we recorded the presentation and created pdf files of the materials contained in the packets distributed to attendees.

To view the video, click on the image below. To follow along with a printable version of the PowerPoint, download it here. Other downloadable print material appears at the bottom of this page.

Downloadable pdf files

To obtain downloadable pdf files of the print materials seminar attendees received in their information packets, click on the blue-shaded hyperlinks.

From the Social Security Administration 

From Voya Financial Advisors and Sylvia Financial

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