Will my homeowners insurance cover my college student's possessions?

Published August 01, 2017

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A February fire in on-campus apartments at East Stroudsburg (PA) University displaced students and led the school to recommend the purchase of renters insurance.


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If you're the parent of a student who is about to start or return to college, you may be experiencing some degree of separation anxiety. You want to make sure your child stays safe, out of trouble and up to date on schoolwork. You may also have concerns about the security of personal belongings in on- or off-campus housing.

And you may have questions about insurance for college students.

With computers, TVs, printers, smartphones and other valuable technology being shipped off to school with your college student, it's more important than ever to make sure these personal items are protected. Whether your student is enrolled at UMass Dartmouth, Bridgewater State or any other college or university, you should assess the potential risks at school and evaluate your insurance coverage before or soon after arrival on campus. 

Why renters insurance makes sense even for on-campus residents

As long as students live on campus, most of their personal possessions are covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy. Keep in mind, however, that coverage for students living away from home is usually only 10 percent of your limit on the contents of your home. For example, if the contents of your home are protected for up to $50,000 in losses, your student's belongings are covered for up to $5,000. Limits vary by insurer, though, so you should check with your agent.

Students who move into a house or apartment off campus typically are not covered under their parents' homeowners policy. They definitely need to purchase renters insurance. And because homeowners coverage is limited, many colleges and universities recommend a renters policy for on-campus residents, as well.

Renters policies provide many of the benefits of homeowners insurance, including coverage of possessions and liability. In addition, a loss due to covered perils such as a fire, water damage or break-in triggers loss-of-use coverage on a renters policy, typically at 20 percent of your contents coverage. So a policy covering $20,000 in contents of the dwelling would also provide coverage of $4,000 in loss of use — money a displaced student can put toward a hotel stay, meals that ordinarily would have been prepared and served in the damaged dwelling, and personal items needed for immediate use.

These policies also extend beyond the house, apartment or dorm. Say, for example, your student's laptop is stolen at the campus library or away from campus during spring break. Your homeowners policy would cover the loss up to 10 percent of your limit on the contents of your home if your student lives on campus; a renters policy would cover the loss in full whether the student resides on campus or off.

Renters insurance is relatively inexpensive, typically costing as little as $10 a month, or between $120 and $300 per year. In addition, all roommates should have their own policy to cover individual possessions and liability.

Purchasing a renters policy may seem one more unwanted item on the back-to-school to-do list, but it's a worthwhile investment of time and money. Just ask the students who lived in Buildings 9 and 10 at East Stroudsburg University. 

After a February fire forced more than 100 students out of their on-campus apartments and damaged their personal property, ESU senior Amanda Amodeo told local news station WNEP that the plight of her fellow students convinced her that renters insurance is a necessary protection.

"I am definitely going to get it in the future," she said. "I can't even imagine not having it now because of what happened and what happened to other people."

Consider separate coverage for valuable items

Expensive items may be subject to coverage limits under a homeowners or renters policy, so you may want to look into stand-alone policies for computers, tablets, iPads, etc. These policies may also provide coverage against accidental damage, spills, or any other accidents not included under a standard homeowners or renters policy.

You can also schedule items on your homeowners insurance policy for additional, worldwide coverage and no deductible. Scheduling personal property protects valuable items and ensures that their full value is covered in the event of a claim. If your child is attending a specialty school, such as Berklee College of Music, for example, you would want to specifically schedule their musical instruments onto your policy for an additional premium.

Take inventory

Before your student leaves for school, compile a list of the items that the student is bringing. An inventory will be helpful if any of the property is stolen or damaged. To file a claim, you'll need to know exactly what items are gone and how much they were worth. 

When creating a list, include the brand, make, model and serial numbers (as applicable) of the items.  We especially recommend taking photos of all items (furniture, electronics, bicycles, etc.) and putting the photos on a flash drive in safe storage. Additionally, try to keep receipts to establish value in case any items need to be replaced, as well as to prove ownership.

Wondering what other coverage your student may need? The flier "Insuring Your College Student" offers guidance on health insurance and auto insurance, as well as renters coverage.

One form of coverage not addressed in the flier is life insurance for college students. That's something to consider, as well, especially if you're a co-signer of a large student loan. The loss of a child is, of course, a tragedy in and of itself. Inheriting tens of thousands of dollars in debt as a result of a student's death makes a terrible situation worse, as reports by CNN Money and Forbes illustrate.

For additional information, please contact me. I'll be happy to answer your questions and offer some additional security for the fall semester and beyond.


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